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Arctic Day Lessons - An Arctic Day is a day that the Superintendent calls due to frigid temperatures and not hazardous road conditions.  On Arctic days students stay home and work on their Arctic Academy lessons while teachers report to school and are available to field questions that students phone, email, or message in.  If a "snow day" is called due to hazardous road conditions this is not an Arctic Day and both staff and students are to stay home.  On "snow days" students will not complete lessons.  

Follow the link on this page and find copies of Pre-k through 2nd-grade packets for parents and students who may have misplaced theirs or need additional pages.  Please download the correct grade level packet file and print as needed.   Grades 3-5 should consult their teacher's Google Classroom for assignments to do on their Chromebooks.

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What is an Arctic Academy day?
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