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Sites for Teachers not Related to Instruction

Last Updated: 8/13/2020 2:02 AM

WEVIS on the Web (WOW) - This site is for teachers to access student information.

One Point - This site is used by teachers to take attendance starting 11/2/2020.  It is also a way to access WVEIS information outside of school.

Webtop - This site is used to update email information, the Golden Horseshoe platform, hiring practices training, etc. for 

IEP Writer - This site is used by special education teachers to write and update IEPs for students.

Safe School Site - This is the platform used to provide most of the online professional development pushed out at the county level, like "The essentials."  

County Staff Development Site - This site isn't used as often for county-level professional development, but is sometimes utilized.  It is most often used for PD for service personal.

Payroll - This may be used by teachers to check pay stubs and other issues concerning employee pay.

SmartFInd Express - Teachers use this site to request a substitute and/or to document leave.  

Health Office Anywhere (HOA) - This site is for the nursing staff.

Professional Forms - This link is to the county site that lists various forms used to complete requests in Monongalia County Schools.