Monongalia County Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

The mission of Monongalia County Schools is to provide the community with an exemplary educational environment that promotes individual development, intellectual growth, and responsible citizenship.

Board Adopted: 10/13/98

Amended 3/09/02, 6/14/11, 1/21/2020


Vision Statement

The vision of Monongalia County Schools is to work cooperatively with families and the community to:

  • Help all students achieve their educational potential by recognizing and accommodating individual differences;
  • Prepare all students to assume adult roles as responsible, productive citizens in a pluralistic society;
  • Offer curricula to facilitate future employment and/or post secondary education for all students; and
  • Promote lifelong learning that addresses emotional, physical, social, character, and intellectual growth and development.
  • Provide all students with a positive and safe school climate that fosters and facilitates character growth and

Board Adopted: 10/13/98

Amended 3/09/02, 6/14/11


Belief Statements
  • Every student is able to learn and to experience success.
  • Schools should accommodate the needs of individual students and provide all students fair and equitable access to educational programs.
  • Students should be taught to be life-long, independent, self-directed learners.
  • Every student is provided the opportunity of a personalized path of instruction culminating in graduation.
  • Students should be prepared to assume adult roles as responsible citizens.
  • The foundation of a strong educational program is commitment to excellence, creativity, innovation, and the establishment of high expectations.
  • Meaningful and collaborative partnerships with parents, business, industry, labor, higher education, and the community at large strengthen and enhance the educational process.
  • Parents, students, and school system personnel share responsibility for student educational success.
  • The educational environment should be physically and psychologically safe and a place where a student can feel a true sense of belonging.

Board Adopted: 10/13/98
Amended: 9/24/02
Amended: 6/14/11